YES, forget cumbersome paper applications, with MyCastingNet you can design and create your own custom, branded, application forms for your cast to complete. To make it easy there are generic sections for contact details you will collect. From there you simply add your custom sections and questions with the touch of a button by selecting the question type (Drop down menu, check box, long, medium and short text answers). Create custom sections for questions, add terms and conditions and have your applicants upload photos. It’s never been easier to create an application and cast your project! Best of all you can store all of your applicant data for your next project!
YES, finally not only can you keep all your talent in one place you can keep your contacts there too. So (for example) if you need to quickly reach every florist in a particular town, you can. Check out the MyContacts section on your MyCastingNet dashboard.
Gone are the days of receiving video submissions in the post! No more logging tapes, no more storage hassles, now you can watch your videos with just a single click of the mouse. Collecting photos and videos from applicants has never been easier, they are uploaded by the applicant as part of their application and can be watched back at any time with the click of a button. This feature will save you 100’s of man hours and makes storage of your footage a breeze! It’s available online anywhere, anytime 24 hours a day.
YES, MyCastingNet automatically creates PDF casting cards for your applicants. You can run reports for any stage of the process from pending through shortlisted to accepted and create in bulk. No more scissors and glue, our casting card report will save you LOTS of time.
YES, Import your own data to your MyCast section of your MyCastingNet database and match up your fields with ours for effortless data imports. Now you can create a central, secure, casting database of all your records at the click of a button.
At MyCastingNet we take the security and safety of your data very seriously. That’s why we have developed MCN on the latest .NET technologies from Microsoft, and hosted the site and all of its data on Microsoft’s Cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure. That’s a lot of technical speak, but what it boils down to is that your data is stored in one of the most secure locations available on the web, and is run on Microsoft servers and stored in triplicate so that if anything ever happens to the severs there is another copy of your data and there will be minimal interruption to your service. As an additional measure, we monitor our severs 24/7 so rest easy; both you and your data are safe on MyCastingNet.