Create custom online casting applications

With MyCastingNet you can create your own custom online application for your next project or show. Create sections for your questions, select from a variety of question types (Text box, Checkbox, drop down menus and more), all totally customisable at the touch of a button. Upload your company logo and show banner you want in the header of your application and you have a custom online application created in just minutes. Send the URL (link) to your applicants and watch the applications roll in!

Casting dashboard

Get real time updates on your casting campaign using our powerful dashboard. Check the latest numbers, see graphical break downs of your cast, monitor web traffic to your application and keep updated on the number of in progress applications you have. All at the click of a button.

Powerful video encoding options

Choose an encoding profile that suits your project. If you’re using your videos directly in your show you can encode your videos to MP4 so they can be downloaded and ingested directly into Avid. Imagine the time and money you can save not having to re-encode and dub videos you’ve received in the mail! We can encode your videos into a variety of formats (.mov, .avi, .flv and more)

Get the most from your data with powerful searching and tagging

Our powerful search capabilities help you get the most from your data. Search by Name, Email address, Application Status, Location, or any custom question you have created. We know you have your own way of categorising your data so we’ve also built a custom tagging feature that allows you to create your own categories (tags) and apply them to your applications. Once they’re added you can search by the tags you’ve created to easily find your records.

Social sharing – go viral!

Leverage the power of social media and go viral with your casting campaign using our social sharing functionality. Simply enable the setting in your show setup and your applicants will be able to share with their friends on Facebook and Twitter that they’ve applied. This is a great tool for maximizing exposure of your campaign quickly and easily.

Import and export your data seamlessly

Say goodbye to spread sheets forever. MyCastingNet allows you to import all of your previous casting data so it can be stored in one central, secure location. Once there, you can use all the features of MyCastingNet to sort and collate your data as well as contact your cast. You can also create additional users so your whole team is working from one central location.

Create contacts and contact groups

For anyone who has spent hours on the phone calling industry and special interest groups to cast your project, this feature is a godsend. Create contacts for people and groups that you contact often during your casting process. Add notes in the communication log each time you speak to them so you’ll always know who the last person was to speak to them and what they said. Using this feature you can turn your contacts into an invaluable casting resource your whole team can use!