This page is our way of sharing with you great companies we work with that we think could also add value to your business.

Zoom2u – Australia’s smarter, faster, friendlier courier.

When MyCastingNet needs an express courier, our first choice is always Zoom2u. They are a new breed of Sydney Courier who focus on improving the customer experience. They use the latest technology to allow us to track our deliveries in real time and even call the driver if we need to! So if you’re looking for a courier who understands what the customer wants from their courier company, then look no further than Zoom2u, you won’t be disappointed.


Ad Riders – Digital car and taxi advertising.

When clients of MyCastingNet want to instantly get their brand in front of millions of people, they deploy a digital advertising campaign with Ad Riders. Ad Riders allows them to create a digital out of home advertising campaign which targets the precise geographic locations, as well as the time of day they want their ads to appear. They display specific content in specific areas as well as use other triggers like, weather or live sporting scores to display timely and relevant content to their audience.