Create customised online applications in minutes (no coding or programming required)

With MyCastingNet you can create your own custom online application for your next project or show in minutes. Best of all you don’t need any technical skills to do it. Using our easy-to-use form builder you can select from a variety of question types (Text box, Checkbox, drop down menus and more), all totally customisable at the touch of a button. Upload your company logo and show banner to your application and you have a custom online application created in just minutes. Send the URL (link) to your applicants and watch the applications roll in! Don’t have time to build your application? No problem, just send us the documentation and we’ll build it for you free of charge.

Built by casting agents, for casting agents

MyCastingNet is owned and developed by Casting Agents, for Casting Agents. We know all about tight budgets, even tighter deadlines and the hours of wasted admin time spent opening the mail, dubbing audition videos or creating pitch documents and casting cards one-by-one. We built MyCastingNet to leverage the power of technology to give you back that time wasted on admin so you can spend it looking for great talent! MyCastingNet is a fully-fledged casting database application that allows to you to turn your casting data into a valuable, usable resource. Collect and store all your data in one central, secure location. Create pitch documents and casting cards with the touch of a button. Search through your applicants, their interests and hobbies, and easily view their whole application, photo and videos in one location. MyCastingNet turns your data into your own personal resource for finding talent.

No more paper applications!

The days of having to spend hours of valuable time opening applications sent my snail mail or email are gone! With MyCastingNet you simply select the show you want to see from your show list, click Go and all your latest applications will appear! Now you can spend more time looking for the best talent rather than opening the mail!

Easily collect videos and photos

Collecting audition videos has never been easier… With MyCastingNet your applicants can upload their videos and photos directly to their application form. When their application comes in their photos and videos are already attached to their application… you can open the application and watch the video just like you would on YouTube. No more spending hours logging tapes, now you can collect, store and watch audition videos with ease.

Multiple users

MyCastingNet enables your whole team to access the same centralised database of talent and contacts. Set permissions for each user and grant/restrict access to any and all areas of the database. Most importantly you can give each user show specific access. If you are casting multiple shows with different teams, you can have each team only see the data for the shows to which they are assigned. MyCastingNet gives you the power to control your data.

Access your customer database anywhere, anytime

Because MyCastingNet is delivered via the web to your PC, laptop or mobile device your casting data can be wherever you are, anytime of day or night. If you’re on the road, at an open call or working from home you can be reviewing applicants, making notes and saving your work all in one centralised location.

Get the most from your data with powerful searching and tagging

Our powerful search capabilities help you get the most from your data. Search by Name, Email address, Application Status, Location, or any custom question you have created. We know you have your own way of categorising your data so we’ve also built a custom tagging feature that allows you to create your own categories (tags) and apply them to your applications. Once they’re added you can search by the tags you’ve created to easily find your records.

No software required

If you’re viewing this website, then you’ve already got all the tools you need to use our software; a web browser and a connection to the internet. You can access MyCastingNet from any PC, laptop or mobile device with an internet browser. MyCastingNet is compatible with PC’s, Macs and virtually any device you might use to access the web.

No expensive hardware

MyCasitngNet is delivered via the web and hosted in the cloud. You never have to worry about buying expensive hardware, installing software updates or any of the usual headaches that come with software programs. Our software updates are delivered with Zero downtime and Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime on their servers so you never have to worry about the servers going down. MyCastingNet takes care of the technology so you can focus on what you do best, casting!

GDPR Ready

MyCastingNet is able to meet the needs of clients operating in the EU with European data subjects by offering a GDPR compliant solution. More details about our GDPR readiness can be found in our Privacy Policy or you can contact us for more details about GDPR compliance.

Cloud powered

MyCastingNet is built on the latest Microsoft .NET technology and hosted on Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure. This allows usthe flexibly to provide any amount of server resources required to support your campaign/s, no matter how big (or small). Some of the world’s largest companies use Windows Azure hosting, they include such names as NASA, Xerox, T-Mobile, Volvo, and 3M so you’re in good company