Two Factor Authentication

MyCastingNet helps keep your data safe by offering Two Factor Authentication. Sometimes referred to as Multi-Factor Authentication, 2FA creates an additional level of security by adding a One Time Passcode (OTP) which you are required to enter each time you login. This code changes regularly, and is different for each registered user. The code only appears inside an App on your phone. This means that if you are using 2FA and someone knows your login details, they would not be able to login to your account on MyCastingNet. (Unless they also had access to your phone). Hence the name, Two Factor Authentication. Because you are also required to have a physical device (phone) with you as well as your username and password, in order to complete your login.

Setting Up Two Factor Authentication

To setup 2FA in MyCastingNet, the person in your organisation who has access to My Users needs to check the box next to each of the users they wish to enroll into Two Factor Authentication. They do this by clicking the check box next to each of the people’s name in My Users. A green tick next to a person’s name indicates they are already enrolled and 2FA is active.

The user is prompted to setup Two Factor Authentication next time they Login.

They can follow the prompts to download the Google Authenticator App and Scan the QR Code
The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here

Or the ITunes store here

They then enter the code shown in the app and press Submit.

Two Factor Authentication is then active for that user. 2FA can only be disabled if the user has access to My Users and manually disables it themselves.

Google Authenticator app is free! Don’t get tricked by App Store Ads!

The Google Authenticator and it’s use are COMPLETELY FREE. Please be careful when downloading the app that you are not clicking on an ad! See below marked in red an Ad for QR Reader with In App Purchases. This is NOT the Google Authenticator App.
Note the correct app below marked in GREEN.