Top 5 Essential Tips for Nannies: Excelling Beyond Basic Childcare Duties

It’s often believed that being a good nanny means you are just “good with Children”. However, you can learn 5 essential tips to excel as a nanny. there are 5 tips that all nannies need to know to succeed in nannying positions.

From child care to punctuality to organisation, and professionalism, there is so much more required of a nanny today. Learning as you go along, and exploring the childcare experience has its best and worst parts. Forming a relationship with a parent, baby, or child, childcare can be so much fun, and rewarding.

However exceptional nannies will put in some extra effort and courtesies that set themselves apart. 

You are in another family’s house, with their kids as a professional. You are responsible for part of their education, food prep, sleep, and play. By catering for the well-being of the kids, the parents and the family, you develop into more than they expect.

I have Passed my Nanny Interview Now How can I be the Best Nanny?


Doing some research on a few families, there are five golden aspects of a nanny job that are not in the job description. If you can go the extra mile for the families, it makes the workplace so much more fun and comfortable for everyone. Considering the relevant details, being responsible, shows you are a good fit for nanny jobs.


5 Tips Nannies Need to Know That’s Not in the Job Description

Nannies and caregivers are two different things and need different advice. use these tips from your first day working. This shows that you are prepared and professional, and wear it with pride. full of energy, and the right fit as a caregiver.


Be Versatile

Part of being a great nanny is being versatile. Unfortunately, emergencies come up quite regularly for parents with children. Nanny jobs require you as a lifeline for a family that may need assistance. Especially if you hope to work with high-profile families and their kids. Versatility is a critical trait that the parents will appreciate most. 


Use Your Time Wisely

Part of being a nanny involves doing light housework and prepping meals. Between child care, and keeping up with their schedules, a nanny may easily fall behind. Try to stay ahead of tasks while making sure the needs of the children come first. 

Communicate regularly About Child development and Other Aspects

Even though nannying takes up much of your time, always talk about the child to the parents with updates. A short message or phone call will suffice. If you want to dazzle them, take some pictures of the kids. This way you are allowing the child and family to feel more part of their kids’ daily routine. 

They will also be more relaxed and confident in your skills as a nanny. Essentially it builds a good relationship while you are providing child care, and improves the child care experience.

Always be Respectful in Your Nanny Job

Keep in mind your workplace is someone else home and haven. Keep a good balance of friendship and professionalism with your employer, even if they feel like family. The Right Nanny takes care to respect their boundaries and their privacy. Taking care of their things as you would of your own house, is expected of a full-time nanny. It is also vital to keep whatever happens or is discussed in the home, to yourself. 

Gossiping about a family you spend most days with is unprofessional. The right nanny will keep their confidential information, such as photos private. Talk and conduct yourself as a nanny respectably and respectfully. This allows the nanny to make the family feel comfortable with them in their home all those hours.


Extend some Grace and Go the Extra Mile

Parenting is a messy business. Parents often need all the help that they can get. Similarly, parents can also feel overwhelmed and are often under much stress. Sometimes things just do not go according to plan. Try to show some extra courtesy. In any way that you can make the day easier for the family, try to do so.