Edit Applicant Data

This lesson describes how to edit data that has been submitted by an applicant.

Log in to the Casting Agent section and click on the My Cast tab, select the show from the drop down and press Go



The people who have applied for your Show/Application will be in the My Cast summary page as below. To view the full details of an application click anywhere on the row of that applicant.

Once you have clicked on the applicant the Detailed Applicant Profile page will appear



You will notice the Edit Data button in the top right hand corner of the page (circled in red above). To edit data simply click the Edit Data button and all of the fields of the application will become editable.

N.B. Certain information cannot be removed such as First Name Last Name, Email Address and the the applicants Address Details. They can be edited, but they can not be deleted and left blank.

Cant see the Edit Data button? – Editing data is a permission which can be turned on and off by your administrator. If you cannot see the button then your administrator will need to update your permissions to turn this feature on.

Once you have pressed the Edit Data button you will be able to edit data in all fields in the application. Once finished click the Update button at the bottom of the screen



Once you press update the edits you have made will be saved.

N.B. Once you have saved the changes to an application there is no way to recover the original data. Exercise caution when editing an application.