Export to Excel Explained

In the MyCast screen to export your records to excel, simply click on the export to excel button (marked in green)



Click Download excel file to download a standard excel report or click the drop down to select custom fields/answers to include



To download the standard excel report simply click the download excel button. If you want to include other fields from your application select them from the downdown menu. Please follow the instuctions on the next page of the tutorial.

What does 20 selected mean? 20 Selected means the 20 standard fields that are included in the excel report. If you want to remove any of these fields (or add others from your application) simply click on the drop down and check or un-check the boxes of the fields you want to include.

N.B. the text 20 selected refers only to the number of fields inclued in the report and has nothing to do with the number of applicants being exported in the report. The number of applicants exported shows under seach results on the left above the blue menu bar.

Create a Custom Excel report



To create a customised excel report and include answers from your application, simply select the fields you want to export from the drop down and then click download excel file